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Hand pedalled wheelchair : Lands End to John o Groats

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Ready to go, despite the weather!
Monday, 1st of May 1995, around 7am. It was a cold grey morning, without hope nor prospect. A sign to the intrepid duo, Kath and I, that this was not gonna be easy, and even the heavens frowned upon us.

Were we daunted... It appears NOT!

The lack of an official piccy of us and the 'sign post' Is because we didn't think to get one on the Saturday (last minute shopping in Penzance). The photographer didn't get back til 9 on Monday. The photo's we took were on one of our many films that didn't survive. You will notice many of the photos are poor quality, they didn't survive the cold and damp. Next time I'll take my digital, and a rucksack full of batteries.. 108 The off.jpg - 9935 Bytes

We're off! (Hey! That chopper's flying low!)
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Halfway break - Time off in Blackpool
I reckon we needed our halfway break, and I spent a couple of days in total bed rest! We had time to spend with the Horners, our great friends and the couple we got our first Basenji from. We also share love of Blackpool Indian Restaurants, being vegetarians but not salad lovers.

This was an official photo for the sponsors, came out real good... The 'T' shirts say 'ARM powered' (how apt is that?) ARM is Advanced RISC Machines, they design microprocessor chips. and sponsored us for 2000 donated to the disABILITY section of BCS. BCS is the British Computer Society, as known to all Computer Graduates in UK.
Well, despite all the disasters, the wreck in Fort Augustus, the banjaxed trailer in Blackpool, etc. etc.

We made it

Thanks also to many supporters. Remploy for equipment, logistics, and donating office furniture to BCS, etc. To Marconi Co. for acting as base camp, and organising accommodation at hours notice, and keeping track of our progress.We love you all.
427 John o'Groats.jpg - 28449 Bytes

Summer Solstice - finished on schedule!

The Route and The Index

A map of Great Britain with the route marked up. Lands End to John'o'groats -
a photographic record


A) Lands End - Launceston

B) Launceston - Wellington

C) Wellington - Worcester

D) Worcester - Nantwich

E) Nantwich - Blackpool

F) Blackpool - Windermere

G) Windermere - Dumfries

H) Dumfries - Inveraray

J) Inveraray - Fort Augustus

K) Fort Augustus - Helmsdale

L) Helmsdale - John o groats

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