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Ataxia Classification - Information to identify different ataxias
DLF Fact Sheets - The British Disabled Living Foundation data resource
FARA - Friedreich's Ataxia Research Association
FA Symptoms - Friedreich's Ataxia, diagnostic symptoms & common associations
Good Access Guide - A directory of GB disability sites
InterNAF - International network of Ataxia Friends. A critical site! Info & Links
Medical Drug Library - Drug actions and interactions. (prescription drugs)
NINDS FA Info - FA information. American Institute of Neuro-Disorders
World Ataxia Search - Good point to start info searches related to Ataxias
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nb. - 'Supplement' claims may not be supported by evidence. I have tried to research them, but it is so difficult to work out what is true and what is speculation, but I do believe they have some worth. It's your call.

CoQ10 / Ubiquinone - Supplement 'data' sheet. I take this, it may be useful for the heart
CoQ10 / Ubiquinone - heart treatment overview with many referenced studies
CoQ10 / Ubiquinone - Claimed effects on Hereditary Ataxia. Evidence? Studies by who?
Digoxin - Pharmaceutical data sheet. I take this. Strengthens heart function
Idebenone - Drug and claims of usefulness for ataxias. Pharmaceutical data
Lifeplan - Vitamin SUPPLIER, British Isles, I have not tried them yet.
Lipoic Acid - & Co-Q10, Activity for Diabetes, Study and medical trainer. {pdf}
N-Acetyl Cysteine {NAC} - Supplement information and claims
Real Health - Vitamin SUPPLIER, British Isles, fast and cheap branded
Vitamins and Drugs - InterNAF meds section
Vitamins UK - A cheap supplement SUPPLIER for Britain & Europe. Fast and cheap unbranded
Warfarin {coumadin} - Anticoagulent, this is a single subject site, has everything?
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--Symptoms & Complications

Atrial Fibrillation - An article in the Pharmacological Journal
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Similar to 'FA hands'. Cause different? Treatment same!
Diabetes - Start point, follow links to type 2 diabetes
high arched foot - pes cavus information
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - a resource centre for...
Psychopathology - Associated psychosis, depression etc.
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Shoes - Clifford James Online Shoeshop, GB, some with velcro fastenings.
Shoes - Phoenix Online Shoeshop, GB, some with velcro fastenings.
Trikes (German) - AnthroTech Trikes. Recumbent Manufacturer and Vendor
Trikes (USA) - LightFoot cycles. Recumbent Manufacturer and Vendor
Trikes (USA) - HotMover recumbents. Manufacturer and Vendor
Walkers (USA) - on a vendors site
WheelchairNet - A wheelchair users group. Lots of links. Good search start point.
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Ataxia - UK Ataxia Group Site
Australian Ataxia Association - good info here!
Euro Ataxia - Association of European Hereditary Ataxia Groups
InterNAF - International network of Ataxia Friends. A critical site! Info & Links>
WAPD - World Association of People with Disabilities
Yahoo Groups - a Groups Host with several disabled peoples groups
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- (This Section is under Construction)

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Aletta Mes' Site - A Lady with MSA and real spirit. This site was my Inspiration
Andy's Annexe - A very useful FAers site
CajunHeart's Site - A personal FA witness. A life with disability
Marty Burke's Site - A Man with PCD, an active, interesting and intelligent view.
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Bobby Check - checks HTML pages for disabled software accessibility
Animated Cursors - Djerks computer mouse screen pointers for failing sight
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